Article in the newspaper "Badisches Tagblatt" of 19 July 2017 "Muscheltraeger decorates the fountain again"

Sculptor Birgit Stauch at the inauguration of Muscheltraeger Brunnen on July 18th 2017 (photo Karl Reinbothe)

The circle of initiators with the sculptor Birgit Stauch (on the right, below) is looking forward to the rebirth of the "Muschelträger".

More than two years after the theft of the bronze sculpture "Muschelträger" (boy carrying sea shells),
the little fountain at the Fremersbergstrasse in Baden-Baden will soon be getting a new sculpture
which had been recreated by local sculptor Birgit Stauch. (Photo Karl Reinbothe)

Rebirth of the "Muschelträger" (boy carrying sea shells) BNN 30.01.2017

The Fountain with the "Muschelträger" (boy carrying sea shells) is recreated.
Sculptor Birgit Stauch has developed a copy from photos.